SSoHPKC - real name Seamus O'Doherty - is one of the most popular Let's Player on Youtube with over 300,000 subscribers, as of October 19th, 2011. He is most notable for the vast amount of videos he posts in a day - usually five or more 15 minute videos, for a grand total of over 6,000 videos in the short time of three years (his account was created February 8th, 2008). His fulltime job is making Let's Plays as a Youtube partner, after quitting his job at Target in 2010 (gaining Partnership shortly before he quit). He gets many new subscribers from his variety of games, usually in three categories (Mario Hacks, Minecraft, and Newly Released Games).


A typical look for Seamus.

He first became popular due to his Let's Play of Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 (which he has since redone because he wasn't proud of the quality). He as been affiliated with Machinima and NinBuzz (though he has been taking off of NinBuzz because they didn't want him with their competing channel), becoming big on Machinima.


After watching some Mario Hack videos from Azureblade49 and ProtonJonSA, in 2008 Seamus decided to make his own Youtube Let's Plays. He started with a simple Super Mario World Hack called Brutal Mario. The video wasn't very good, the finished product being the fifth recording attempt of only the first level of the game. The video was extremely laggy due to not having a good computer at the time, and his recording software was being slow. Along with a bad-quality headset, Seamus admits these first videos weren't very good at all, and eventually deleted them when he became a partner due to the fact he used copyrighted music from iTunes in them. His commentary wasn't very good in them, and he knew it. Early 2009 he got a new headset where he said that his videos were going to get better.


Seamus is also well known for his wide variety of catchphrases he uses within a lot of his videos. These include:

  • "Shotgun Rain!"
  • "I almost got Lincoln'd/I almost got Kennedy'd"
  • "That's shenanigans."
  • "Invincibility frames, GO!"
  • "Is this death?"
  • "I've got savestates"
  • "Get the fuck off my ______!"
  • "Don't even tell me..."
  • "Terribad"
  • "Holy______ batman!"


For years Seamus has never revealed what his Youtube username meant. It wasn't until his Q&A special video "Q&A Special Featuring Woman Beating in Streets of Rage" where he revealed the meaning for the final three letters of his name, standing for Psycho Kinectic Collaboration, based off the Mother series. He does not know if he will ever reveal the meaning of the first four letters of his name.

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