Picture posted above the links to the videos of slowbeef's Let's Play of The Immortal, displayed on his website. It was the first Let's Play to be posted in video form, as opposed to the original text form.

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This is the Wiki page for Let's Plays, an Internet phenomenon began on the Something Awful forums in 2006 and later popularized on YouTube.

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Let's Plays are a phenomenon started in 2006 on the Something Awful forums, where forum-goers posted experiences of play-throughs of video games they played, which was later popularized on YouTube through video form instead of text, when a Something Awful user named slowbeef created the first video Let's Play of the game The Immortal​. Since then, Let's Play videos have accumulated hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, and the Let's Play subforum on Something Awful continues to be posted on.

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